E-com Operations Analyst

Budapest, Hungary · Full-time

About The Position

Day by day we sell thousands of orders to people around the globe online. We’re one of the biggest e-commerce company. For each customer, we commit to get their product no later than a specific day. But to do so we need to meet tight schedule of production and shipping time frames.

We are looking for a skilled Operation Analyst to join our Fulfilment team as Fulfillment Planer & Analysis. You will work closely with wide range of units, Data, BA, Sales, Production, Shipping & Finance and Will support fulfilment team as subject matter expert of reporting and performance monitoring tools, as well data-based operation optimization.



·       Planning & Prediction of Production & Shipping Capacity

·       Monitor Production fulfillment performance and execution of needed adjustments

·       Optimization of "Late Orders" Policy & Operation

·       Cart Profit Optimization 

·       Supporting Fulfillments business decision through analysis and A/B testing

·       Developing supportive tools and data

·       Leverage reporting and dashboards to drive process improvements resulting in reduced costs and improved service

·       Create, modify, maintain distribution of reports using multiple data inputs, systems, and tools


·       Strong Analytical skills

·       Business approach

·       Advanced Excel skills- Eat Excel for breakfast

·       Keen attention to details and technical acumen

·       Fast Learner, Curious , Self motivated & Dedicated

·       Teamwork goes without saying

·       Fluent English- Speak, write, and read technical documentation in English

·       B.A in related fields


·      Experience in E-commerce company

·      Experience as an analyst

·      Experience in Supply Chain or fulfilment environment 

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