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    TenenGroup Ltd. is a continually growing company with markets around the globe. We specialize in the seamless creation of easy-to- navigate website, custom-made for a large  selection of available products and services.

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Tenengroup is Israels largest E-commerce company and worldwide leader, established in 2007.

Our main business is personalized products & E-commerce platforms.

With over 30 online stores all over the world, we are one of the leading brands in the personalized fashion & accessories industry.

Our team includes people from all over the world, with passion for what they do.
Among our team – Marketing, R&D, Sales, Product, Customer Services and Production.

In 2014 the company was rewarded by the Ministry of Economy as an “Outstanding Exporter”. Read the full article


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What we do



We use our real-time knowledge of global marketing trends to localize our sites and fulfill the needs of our clientele.
One of the things we are most proud of is our quick reaction time to celebrity trends around the world.


A Personalised Journey

We use our own desktop and mobile e-commerce platforms, developed completely from scratch in-house. This enables us to uniquely personalised features, ensuring our customers have a fast a pleasant experience when visiting our websites.
To complement our website experience, we are staffed with an amazingly professional customer service team. The team works effortlessly to guarantee satisfaction of each and every customer that walks through our virtual doors.


 100K+ New Customers per Year


Secure Payment Service


Multiple Platform Support

 User-Friendly Shopping Experience


24/7 Online Support

Complex Report Systems

Total E-Commerce Platforms

Total E-Commerce Platforms

We use our own desktop and mobile e-commerce platforms enabling us to create a unique customer purchase experience. Our e-commerce platforms are complemented by a dedicated online marketing team well verse in all aspects of the digital media landscape. TenenGroup strives to stay on top of the online marketing game, and partnering with brands like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, allows us to continually increase our websites’ brand exposure, and increase the amount of visitors to our web properties.

International Expertise / Global Markets

International Expertise / Global Markets

While Tenengroup is a global company, we retain local knowledge of countries around the globe. We strive to work with local bodies whenever possible to ensure our customers easy access to receive their purchases.

In House Solutions

In House Solutions

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, things change rapidly. We understand that. Our software is developed in-house for optimal results. We have developed unique solutions offering personalized features distinctive to our brand of owned and operated websites. Having our own software platform allows us to add features on the fly, without the restrictions of walled garden e-commerce platforms.

Jeff Fugate


The order process was quick and easy. The product came quickly and the packaging was nice enough to use as gift presentation. Everyone that was shown really liked the necklace and wanted to know where to get one.

Mollie Goforth


I have had a lot of trouble with many personalized jewelry companies in the past. My name necklace made the process affordable, easy, and painless