At TENENGROUP TECHNOLOGIES, we create meaningful online experiences. We give our customers the unique ability to not only shop, but also create and take part in an immersive and unique shopping journey. Our solutions allow us to react to changes quickly, in the midst of evolving market trends.

We take pride in our infrastructure, research and engineering teams, who spend their day combining technology, marketing, sales and manufacturing knowledge to create seamless flows for end-to-end commerce. We expect our employees to not only think outside the box, but also to pioneer customer focused ideas, and be proactive and target driven. This agility and can-do attitude is what allows us to be dynamic and to quickly respond to changes, while providing an extraordinary personalized experience for our millions of customers around the globe.

What we do

Omni-commerce eco system

Our  solutions and integrations provide our brands with tailor made capabilities, reflecting the company’s agile DNA.

Our engineers use the latest technologies and are always on the cutting edge – embracing new and exciting paradigms to pioneer advancements, while our UX experts make sure our users enjoy their stay using creative customer journeys.

Data science and engineering

We believe the core of any successful business is understanding and fulfilling customers’ needs. With growing tech-awareness, customers expect a streamlined and personal experience. Our data science and engineering teams are always hard at work – whether by helping our customers feel at home with smart insights and recommendations, or by making the user experience better by understanding what drives our customer community.

IT solutions for Ecommerce

A two second delay is what makes the difference between retaining and losing a customer. We put an emphasis on performance to help drive our success. Our IT and DevOps specialists are always working with infrastructure developers to create new and innovative ways to make sure our clients get the best experience possible, with custom solutions for HA, DRP and security.