TG INDUSTRY is the Production and Fulfillment division of Tenengroup LTD. Our knowledge, facilities and advanced engineering skills, allow us to produce and create any existing or new product. We always aim to convert manual processes into automated engineered solutions, knowing that we constantly must improve in order to meet our customers’ (and our) expectations. High-end product quality and top-level service are the pillars of our foundation.

What we do


We produce all of our goods in house! Our production unit is responsible for all goods production, end to end..


We breathe technology – we step out of the box. Doing better isn’t enough we aim to be the best. Developing cutting-edge engineered solutions in order to maximize production capabilities is our goal.


We make new products every day. We work together with TG Commerce, and designers and suppliers from all over the world, on future and current trends, in an effort to make sure our customers get what they wish for.


Our procurement unit manages the full supply chain of Tenengroup Industry. We work with suppliers from all over the world, from Italy to Thailand, as well as manage over 10,000 SKU’s


Our packing and shipping unit is responsible to make sure that all goods arrive to our customers on time. We pack over thousands of packages every a month, and we ship them all over the world.

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