At TG COMMERCE, the customers are our core. We learn from them, and we understand their needs, motivations, and desires. We make sure to tailor a full e-commerce experience for them, according to their wishes. We MARKET, ANALYZE and MANAGE millions of customers all over the world, as well as 40 different brands. Our success story and our ability to continue growing is a matter of strong data analysis work, which is the core base of every action we undertake.

What we do


Drive leads, raise awareness and build customer-brand relationships. We do this by using our reach data, great marketing know-how, and amazing targeting abilities, together with our strategic partners Google and Facebook.


Our customers are our main assets, and we aim to give them the best service possible. In order to accomplish this mission, we have over 40 different customer support representatives, who speak over 20 different languages!


Our creative is done in-house. We display our creative on all online media channels, reaching over hundreds of millions people every month. We monitor and A/B test our creative products constantly, in effort to improve them and to hand to our customers what they like the most.


We always look for new ways to surprise our customers, making them feel more connected to our brands. From cultivating new jewelry collections, to promoting events, and developing new brands, we explore methods that will allow us to expand into new audiences.